- Make it yours, be the RebelRoot -


RebelRoot is based on 4 fundamental principles
Limited Edition

Our pieces are designed exclusively by RebelRoot and its small team. To ensure the uniqueness of our work, we produce small quantities of items, using very talented crafters from all around the world and If the occasion arises we will collaborate with very special artists or illustrators that share our vision, such as the renowned artist Victor Castillo.

You are a unique person. So is the clothing we design for the Rebel in you


At RebelRoot we want you to have a personal and emotional connection to those who hand crafted our pieces. For this reason, its key for us to support hand crafting throughout all aspects of our production chain. This ensures the future of the communities that collaborate with RebelRoot as well as allows them to make their own cultures known. We use traditional hand crafting techniques, on designs made in Barcelona. 

Tradition and Future. All in One. Rebelroot.

Environmentally friendly Fabrics 

One of the most important principles of RebelRoot is the protection of the environment by using the most environmentally friendly fabrics available. Naturally processed plants turned into yarn like Rayon Flax or the Eucalyptus Tencel, or Bamboo Viscose are some of the ones we use. This result in incredible fabrics that you will love the moment you feel them.

The future is about working with Nature to be the Rebelroot.

Fair Trade 

To ensure the sustainability of everything that involves our production process, we only work with Fair Trade Certified designers, workshops and providers. This not only helps those involved secure a better future but also ensures their working rights are fully protected as well as their work properly compensated. Also it protects our future as a unique brand making unique and beautiful pieces.

Rebelroot wants to make sure you wear our clothing and accessories with pride and style.