About Rebelroot


RebelRoot is a clothing and accessories brand, created in Barcelona for men and women. We have based all our work on Ethical Fashion, ensuring that our production and design chain respects and defends human rights and protects the environment. We have this principles in mind on everything, from production processes allthe way to every fabric we work with.

As a result, at RebelRoot every single item we produce and sell has the highest standards of Certified Fair Trade. This ensures that everyone, from the smallest workshop in a developing country to a small studio trying to survive the economic pressure of today’s economy, is treated fairly. We ensure that their payments are fair, making sure that any revenue goes to them directly, improving their quality of life and maintaining their traditional techniques. This makes our design pieces, transcend their functional purpose and provide an emotional connection between you and the people involved in creating it. You are wearing their quality of life, their culture and future.


Rebelroot By Eva Riu

RebelRoot was founded by Eva Riu in Late 2012. With a strong graphic design background, she majored in Illustration and Fashion design at the Central Saint Martins London University of Arts

Her first endeavour was TheMysticOnion, a fashion brand that received many accolades, walked the runway at the renowned Madrid Fashion Week (Pasarela Cibeles), as well as taking part in many industry runways shows, leading to international distribution of its pieces.



Beyond  the protection of the environment, RebelRoot believes in the protection of knowledge.
Everything done at RebelRoot is based on recognizing and helping conserve the traditional techniques and artistic sensibility of those who are involved in creating our pieces. This is why our productions are small, very limited edition, ensuring sustainability and supporting the uniqueness of the items we develop.