What is the difference between Fair Trade and standard producers?



Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better conditions to marginalized producers and workers as well as securing their rights

This is why Rebelroot has a solid commitment to Fair Trade as the principal core of our mission. We are engaged actively in supporting producers, their rights, as well as the environment, without sacrificing our clean and fashionable style.

This is a brief comparison between Fair Trade certified and standard producers. 

One of our Fair Trade Factories
Standard Factories
Minimum Wages Our minimum wages range from 160-420 INR. 200% more than the government minimum wages and 20% more than standard factories 150-400INR. Also some of this factories are contracted through the government, which pays 150-200INR.
Workers Future Our Workers are employed from long time. Their abilities are nurtured and their skills improved. Workers have to shift from one work place to other in search of better wages & better working condition.
Working Conditions - 8 hours per day + 2 hrs of OT with a rate up to 2 times the normal rate. Max 60 hours a week and 1 day off after every 6 days.

- The Factory are well lit and the working condition is not compromised
- 9-10 hours & there is no limit to overtime. Workers are also called on the 7th day & the payment structure is not fixed.

Every inch of the space is used by the manufactures to increase output
Working Transparency A client can walk in & interview the condition of the workers.

Every question is replied only by the management, Suspicion & Secrecy is the norm.
Respect with the Environment Azo free Chemicals are used, chemical waste are treated by zero discharge treatment plants & purified waters are used as recycled process.

Waste fabric are recycled & used to re produce yarn & used to make floor mats by selling the same to the agents.
No standards are set in terms of environmental friendly processes. recycling, chemicals and waste is processed just based on how cheap it can be.

Some pieces made in this factory: Inspiration Crossed Dress, RebelRoot Drape Dress, RebelRoot light Jacket