Why to wear Eco Bamboo

Viscose manufactured from bamboo is very environmental friendly in its processing, because the compounds used to breakdown its structure into fibers are 100% natural. The resulting Bamboo Viscose base fibers, are biodegradable and have antibacterial properties.

Why is it so nice?
Bamboo is amazing! It protects you against the radiations of the sun while its natural sheen is similar to silk or cashmere. Its softness and sheen remain after wash.
Also, because of its naturally soft fibers, it is has non itching properties for the skin. It’s antiallergic, and acts as a thermal regulator, providing warmth during winter and coolness during summer. 

A fabric for a sustainable world
It’s an extremely sustainable resource; its growth period is very short. It does not need the use of fertilizers or pesticides, making it respectful with the environment and those who work to create it.

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