Drap-Art: Creativity & sustainability

Drap-Art is a non-profit organisation that was started by Tanja Grass in 1995, and is, in her words, “dedicated to the promotion of creative recycling through the organisation of festivals, exhibitions, markets and workshops.” Recycling is a career, a mission, a passion. 

This year, the festival (which is marking its 10th edition) runs from December 13th to January 5th, 2014, and takes place in the CCCB and its surroundings, Plaça Reial and the Hemp Museum. It features 19 artists and designers, including Pistolo Ulises Eliza, Fabio De Minicis and Karol Bergeret. Also participating is German sculptor HA Schult. There will be a designer fair during the last three days of the festival, located in the hall of the CCCB, where the public can view never-before- seen original designs, and an art auction on the final day. “I want people to take away from the festival—hopefully—a piece of art that they’ve bought, which in turn supports the artists who have been kind enough to support Drap-Art over the years,” says Tanja. “I also would like people to become more conscious of their economic decisions, and to realise that there is an alternative, and a good one, to excessive consumerism.”  

If you are planning to visit Barcelona, this is a must see festival.