Rebelroot presents ColonyCollapse, a new collection that showcases the conflict established between man and nature. Two opposed concepts: on the one hand, the survival of traditions and kwnoledge. on the other, the way man looks into the future without looking back. This behaviour, leads man to the destruction of its natural environment and its cultural future.

The main pieces of Colony Collapse are based on reinterpretations of classic cuts for pants, dresses, shorts with suspenders, shirts, blazers, tuxedos, gowns and illustrated tshirts.

Our fabrics are ecological like Tencel, organic cotton and bambu. Some other fabrics are hand painted, one by one, using traditional batik techniques mixed with abstract expressionism, action painting and dripping, in order to retain the personal touch of those who create our pieces.

Lastly, Rebelroot joins forces with renowned artist Victor Castillo, with the spirit of ColonyCollapse being very close to his principles and shown through the exclusive illustrations used on our provocative pieces.

Campaign & lookbook shooting credits:

Photographer: Markus Rico
Models: Axel Swan & Judith Camacho from Miah Management. Judith Lopez from Trend Models
Make up & Hair: Jara Rojo
Stylism: Eva Riu, Roman Lata.
Assistants: Carolina Romano (Photo), Manolo Sanchez, Eulalia Corominas
Post-production: Jordi Cardus