Sacrifice Asymmetrical Earings
Sacrifice Asymmetrical Earings

Sacrifice Asymmetrical Earings

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  • The Sacrifice Asymmetrical Earings are a carefully crafted combination of beautiful glass and iron beads on a gold plated chain. A handmade Limited Edition made in India, under very high standards of FairTrade, we designed it in Barcelona, keeping in mind the traditions of those who made it. 

    The combination of materials symbolizes the union of nature and handmade work.  Its different tones represents the different sides of your personality.  Because its handmade, yours will always be unique. There are no two alike. 

    Rebelroot certifies that this product is:
  • The Artisan

    During the time that Ram Prasad worked with Fair trade, she has been able to rebuild her family house as well as build a new home in her village. 

    Not only she has been able to improve her living standards, she has also made it possible for other artisans to purchase their own houses on their earnings.

    Rebelroot pieces benefit from the experience and traditional techniques that Ram Prasad has develop over the years, and we make sure that this knowledge is passed on to you. Our pieces are unique because of them!
    Ram Prasad and her team make Rebelroot possible.
    Why is it so nice?

    Because it's not only a limited edition item. It's also a piece for better world.

    Good design and better world

    Trade must benefit the most vulnerable and deliver sustainable livelihoods by developing opportunities for small and disadvantaged producers.


  • Design

    Designed in Barcelona by the Rebel Root team.

    Code of Conduct
    Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better conditions to marginalized producers and workers as well as securing their rights.

    This is why Rebelroot has a solid commitment to Fair Trade as the principal core of our mission. We are engaged actively in supporting producers, their rights, as well as the environment, without sacrificing our clean and fashionable style.

    This is a brief comparison between Fair Trade certified and standard producers.

      One of our Fair Trade Factories
    Minimum Wages Our minimum wages range from 160-420 INR. 200% more than the government minimum wages and 20% more than standard factories
    Workers Future Our Workers are employed from long time. Their abilities are nurtured and their skills improved.
    Working Conditions 8 hours per day + 2 hrs of OT with a rate up to 2 times the normal rate. Max 60 hours a week and 1 day off after every 6 days. 
    In Normal Factories workers work 10hrs a day, 7 days a week, no overtime.
    Working Transparency A client can walk in & interview the condition of the workers.
    Respect the Environment Azo free chemicals are used, chemical waste are treated by zero discharge treatment plants & waters are purified in a recycled process. Waste fabric is recycled & used to reproduce yarn.
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    Rebelroot & Fair Trade