Why you should wear Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton is grown and cultivated in farms with fertile earth, free of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, and it’s weaved and produced without toxic chemicals. This means that Organic Cotton is very high quality as well as very respectful with the environment and also those who work to create it.

Why is it so Nice ?
100% Organic Cotton is like silk in appearance of great softness and comfort, with great perspiration characteristics.

Comfort for your skin and for the World

Its cultivation and processes are completely natural, which prevent from developing allergic reactions, eczema and dermatitis because we don’t use any chemical colouring.
Respect for health: During cultivation and the production of regular fabrics, the pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers used are absorbed by the skin during contact and they are directly delivered into the bloodstream, which transport these to the tissues and organs. 

Know more about Global Organic Standard (GOTS Certificate)

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